From Anxiety to Results

Mike Szczesniak is a CEO, coach and speaker, with a passion for productivity. In an exclusive video interview with Undock TV, Szczesniak uncovers how he conquered his anxiety as an entrepreneur, how his business of helping 6-figure entrepreneurs was born and how to begin improving your productivity today.

Szczesniak began his entrepreneurial journey in the fifth grade with a duct tape wallet business, needless to say, he knew from a very young age that he was a business man. Of course, the pressures of business vastly change when you become an adult. In his early 20’s, Szczesniak began to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Through self-reflection, he discovered that his disorder was caused by feelings of guilt that would arise when he wasn’t staying busy. “If I could’ve shown up more powerfully in the time that I was working, and maybe paired that with a more realistic expectation based on what I wanted to create, the whole game would have changed for me” he said.

To begin his redemption from anxiety, Szczesniak realized he had to narrow his vision down to one goal, layout the steps in order to achieve this goal and finally, structure his time efficiently in order to get there. This is where his famous saying “more is not a strategy” comes into play. Without a plan to get from point A to point B, lack of clarity can destroy the motivation and confidence of even the most talented entrepreneur.

Sadly, Szczesniak and his case of anxiety isn’t uncommon among entrepreneurs, in fact, he explains that it’s very prevalent among the community. “As entrepreneurs, we’re really high achieving. We have massive goals and massive expectations. And that’s great, that’s why we create amazing things. But at the same time, if they aren’t put into perspective at times, they can almost work against us. Having that self awareness is really key” said Szczesniak. 

After formulating the secret sauce for ultimate productivity, Szczesniak founded The Results Engine, a 90-Day productivity accelerator to help 6-figure entrepreneurs and sales professionals become laser focused on what makes them money, while increasing productivity by 30% around those activities. Want to start improving your productivity right now? You can download his free 7-day productivity boost guide here or follow him at @mikeszczesniak for daily productivity motivation.

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